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I illuminate our instinctual desire to control our surroundings in order to make sense of the world in which we live. While challenging the notions of function, my work expresses an alternate perspective that challenges traditional concepts of value, revealing an unexpected sense of purpose that is often overlooked. I ask the viewer to consider the minute facets of our lives that may be taken for granted, and reflect upon an essence of existence that is often overshadowed by the systems in which we function, and societal expectations through which we define our ideas of success.

I am known for making the impermanent permanent and the minute monumental. I create delicate organic forms that are larger than life. Materials become malleable in my hands, yielding graceful passages that unfurl in space. Without serving its typical purpose, nor providing an essential function, the value of my materials dramatically shifts. My material choice stems from a proclivity for eclecticism and irony. The work of art it is allowed to appeal to the senses, evoke emotion, and become a tool of inquiry. My sculptures take on a purpose beyond beauty that is startling to see on such a large scale. Their fluidity suggests a moment caught in time, of movement in graceful suspension.

With nature as a muse, inspiration comes from personal life experience. The work of art is a byproduct of the creative process, which is life itself. I am a collector of seedpods, corks and rusty bits. My practice is one of experimentation. With experimentation comes repetition, working in multiples and series. I exploit the possibilities of play and improvisation creating, an ambiguous coexistence of subtlety and surprise. My approach to creativity allows chance to play a vital role. Biomorphic forms evoke a synthesis between creative thought and the senses.

I earned a BFA in Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Art. I studied blacksmithing and metal work at Penland Craft School and Haystack Mountain Craft School. In addition to my active studio practice, I teachin the School of Architecture + Art at Norwich University.